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Welcome to the complete solution of Online Education where we cater all your Higher Educational needs. Accredited life experience degree is the best source of online education. We are offering degree programs in various fields. Depending on your industry and your interest you can earn any degree you like. With our academic support and convenient self-paced online learning environment help you acquire the career that you deserve.

Associate Degree Programs

Get your skills certified with Associate Life Experience Degree

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Fast track your success with Bachelor’s Life Experience Degree

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Receive Doctorate Life Experience Degree at your best convenience

Earn College Credits and Degree by Online Life Experience

Enroll in our online life experience degree programs & get your place among industry’s best professionals!

Accredited Life Experience Degree

Get College Credit for Life Experience

College Credit

Earn college credits for what you already know. Accredited life experience degree programs are available which are specially designed for working adults. Moreover, you can skip classes if you have prior professional experience.

Credit Transfer

You can also transfer your credits from your previous accredited university which not only saves you time and money but you will also be able to quickly finish your degree with hassle or fuss.

Degree Programs

From Associate to Bachelor’s to Master’s to Doctorate level degree programs are offered which are designed by industry experts. Moreover, these programs help you in developing real world skills.



What Is Accredited Life Experience Degree

A life Experience degree is defined as to earn a degree in the relevant field to your profession by utilizing your work experience. We provide the opportunity to everyone in the professional world to get an online life experience degree and avail the unlimited chances for your career growth. The only thing that makes you eligible to attain a life experience degree accredited is your work experience. Accredited life experience degree is defined as a legalized and recognized degrees by renowned accreditation bodies around the globe. Which is acceptable by all the organization in the corporate world.

Why you need us

The corporate or professional world is saturated with skilled and educated people which increases the competition for each and every one of us. A person with the best skills and knowledge never be able to get a decent managerial level position if that person do not have a degree or relevant education of the field. Today’s corporate market offers good job to that person who has knowledge and experience along with education. Sometime it can be seen that any person with a degree get on a superior position likely or not they have less experience or knowledge than you. Just because of not having a degree you are deprived of many opportunity of growth. Life experience college degree helps you attain the chance of opportunity. There are some other type of employees in the corporate arena who are stuck on a same career level for years and not getting any growth or promotion just because of not having a degree. This creates a dilemma for such employees because they cannot find any way out to get the position they deserve in their organization and they do not have the time to earn a degree through a traditional way. Here the need of online Life experience degree programs arises. Which transform your years of experience in to a degree. You just need to share the experience in the relevant field in which you are asking for a degree and based on that experience a degree will be awarded to you and hence you can enjoy the growth or job that you deserves.

Earn College Credits and Degree by Online Life Experience

Enroll in our online life experience degree programs & get your place among industry’s best professionals!

Is my Life Experience Degree acceptable by the employer?

Now the question that arises in most of the people’s mind all around the globe that is the degree that I am acquiring worth taken and is my employer or my organization is going to accept it. To explain this we need to first understand the growing trend of online life experience degrees. Seeing the high demand of our experienced working class the most of the Universities started online Life experience degrees accredited program to cater the needs of such working professionals. Life experience degree programs are simple and absolutely legitimate to earn an online life experience degree. You can understand it in this way if you have a working experience of 10 years in any field but you do not have a degree in the same field than it is obvious that you have more skills and knowledge because of your experience than fresh graduate of a university in the same field and this makes you eligible to get a degree. Now the part comes in where we will discuss the acceptability comes in. All the degrees that we offer are recognized by the top accreditation bodies around the world which makes it absolutely legitimate. Our thousands of degree holders are working in renowned companies and many of them are employed by Forbes 500 companies.

How at get a Life Experience Degree

If you are an individual that wants to excel in your current employment but can not avail the opportunity of growth because of your education or you are an individual looking for job but not getting the designation that you deserve, again because of your education than you can turn your experience into a degree. To earn a degree you do not need to attend any classes or any course you are just need to pass an assessment exam which is going to evaluate your experience on successful evaluation a degree will be awarded to you, the whole process is as simple as it sounds.

Earn College Credits and Degree by Online Life Experience

Enroll in our online life experience degree programs & get your place among industry’s best professionals!

Programs we offer

All the programs offered by accredited life experience degree are based on your life experience. While utilizing your work experience you can earn Graduation level degree, Post graduate level degree or Doctorate degree. You can also transfer College Credit for Life Experience. You can transform your work experience and get college credit for life experience. You can chose any program depending on your educational level and according to the amount of experience you have. By transferring college credit for life experience you can continue your education and can complete your college degree.

Majors we excell at

Top Majors for Online Life Experience Degree Programs


We take college outside of college! Our online life experience degree programs have served
many deserving professionals of the industry. Let’s have a look at what they say!

Being born in the underprivileged family leaves you with less or no chance of having quality education, but life experience degrees have upturned this reality. I was able to get credit for my experience without much legwork and bank-breaking expenses.  Thank you!

Juana Ellis

Doctorate of Nursing

The life experience degree programs at Accredited Life Experience Degree are extremely helpful!  Their programs are a great asset to my academic journey. I was enthralled to see the difference a prior learning degree can make in my career academics. With these professionals, getting degree is a breeze!

Emmanuel Nelson

M.A in English

With the help of my advisor, I successfully pulled together the credits from my college and complete the remaining commerce credits through online classes. The timing of the classes was set according to suitability. Looking forward to pursuing my doctorate degree from these guys.

Robert Garver

M.B.A in Finance

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